Event or State

    • Pulse Input Data Logger

    • UX90 State Logger. HOBO – UX90-001

    • Modular Portable Data Logging and Alarming System OMP-MODL

    • Portable Data Logger with 4 to 8 Universal Inputs OM-SQ2010

    • Portable Low Cost DataloggerPart of the NOMAD®Family OM-SC

    • Stand Alone , High-Speed, Multifunction Data Loggers

    • Panel Mount and Portable Data Loggers OM-EL Series

    • Counter, Totalizer, Event Transmitter (Part of the NOMAD®Family) OM-CP-RFPULSE101A

    • Counter, Totalizer and Event Data Loggers

    • Portable Data Logging System OM-320 and OM-420

    • Portable Low Cost Data Loggers Part of the NOMAD® Family

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